Different Types of Real Estate Letters

August 17th, 2017 | Real Estate | 0 Comment

As the name suggests, the real estate letters are penned down either by the agent for the client or by the client to the agent. The one similar aspect that binds both the agent and the clients is that they have an interest in property related matters. These letters are written for providing information to the agents or the clients about a piece of property that is up for sale. All information, starting from the listing to the acquisition, will be available in the ...


The Purpose of Writing Business Letters

July 27th, 2017 | Business Letters | 0 Comment

There are many types of different business letters out there - inquiry letters, collection letters, order letters, order letters, letters of resignation etc.. All of these types of business letters are written to serve many business purposes. However, there are couple of major purposes that we cover below. Read on to find out and better understand all the purposes of writing a business letter. 1. Information exchange The most general and main purpose of many ...


5 Elements of a Good Business Email

July 19th, 2017 | Email Letters | 0 Comment

The email took the place of the business letter long ago and it became the essential tool for communication in the new Internet era. The biggest concern that companies have now is - why is business email open and response rate so low and declining? In times when everyone has an inbox loaded with emails, it’s definitely hard to respond to all, or even just open to scan the content briefly. If you are having the same issues, read on and find out the 5 essential ...