3 Common Real Estate Letter Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Buying a new house is a wonderful thing and a dream for any family, and getting your perfect house can literally be a dream come true. But the actual process can be long and draining. One part of it is writing real estate letters to the seller which can in some cases determine if you are going to get the house or not.

This alone is a pretty big pressure when constructing a real estate letter which can lead to some common mistakes when doing so. Yes, real estate letter writing can be pretty stressful, so here are the things to avoid.

1. Being too formal

There is such thing as being too polite. Your real estate letter might be the first chance for the seller to get to know you, so you want to actually show yourself in the letter and write with a more personal note rather than formal. Skip the “Dear So and So” or “To Who it may concern”.

Rather than that use first and last names in the letters and keep the language light. People tend to get emotional when selling a house, as it is a big part of our lives and they are parting from their home, writing a more personal real estate letter will make you seem more friendly to the seller and will make the whole process more comfortable for both of you.

2. Focusing on the negative things

Most of real estate on the market has something that is wrong with it, which is why when people go and buy houses it is expected that they would need to do at least some fixing up before they move in. But it would be a big real estate letter writing mistake to focus or point out these things.

Rather than that focus on the things you like about the property. Again your real estate letter should be friendly and it’s about introducing yourself to the buyer. A lot of people feel that by pointing out negative things about the house or apartment they would get the seller to lower the price, and even if that is so, a real estate letter is not the place to do that, so keep it on the positive side.

3. Going on and on

This is a very common real estate letter writing mistake. People tend to repeat themselves and go on and on in the letter. We tend to get aversion just by looking at a very long letter, it loses our interest and writing one will only have a negative result.  Keep in mind that the buyer has to read probably dozens of letters and choose. The chances of writing a winning real estate letter increase if you keep it short and interesting. So keep it light, keep it positive and personal and most importantly keep it short. What you want is the seller’s interest and sympathy. So avoid these mistakes and go get yourself a new property.

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