5 Common Business Letter Mistakes to Avoid

Business letter mistakes are a common issue among individuals who work with business documents on a daily basis. It is not something that should scare you, it is a normal problem that is not concerning, however, it can easily be solved. All you have to know are the facts about the business letter mistakes and once you know the most important mistakes, you will be able to avoid them in the future. Just keep in mind one thing before you start reading about the five most common mistakes – the one thing that is essential to writing business letters is quality, not quantity.

Having strict deadlines and severe stress every day can be avoided by just trying to be more reasonable and not take every little mistake personally. In the future, you will most certainly improve your business letter writing skills. All you need to do is try and avoid these common mistakes.

1. The first one on our list is the most common one when it comes to writing any type of letter – grammar mistakes, poor punctuation and common typos. Careless mistakes can cost you a lot. You should always proofread your letter before sending it and do a little editing before you click the send button. If you are uncertain whether your letter is fine, ask a colleague to proofread it for you.

2. Buzz words and management speaking

All of your clients are fed up of hearing words such as “synergy”, “innovative”, “fascinating” etc. The list can go on for days. Stop using these common “buzz” words and stop talking like a manager trying to sell something. Your documents should not contain any jargon and you should directly speak to the person who is about to read your letter. After all, you are sending your letter to a person, not a machine.

3. The third rule is connected to the second one, that is for sure. Explain the details to the person whom you are sending the letter. Plan your letter, make a proper structure to your e-mail and afterwards start writing it. Do not over-explain yourself in the beginning, though.

4. Stop using elaborate phrases or severely long words. No, you will not sound smarter and your client will most definitely not be charmed by your wit and intellect. If you cannot send across a concise message, nobody will like to do business with you. Your letter should never be pointless. Keep in mind that intellectuals should never aim to be incomprehensible.

5. The fifth common mistake on our list are those way too complex sentences. Stop complicating your life and your client’s life by writing down complex and long sentences that will take forever for them to read. After all, you do not want to make your client re-read your letter, right? If you write as clear as you can and if your sentences are truly straight-forward, it is most likely that you will get the deserved attention. If not, you might want to start and find yourself a new business partner!

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