5 Different Business Letter Formats

Before you start writing a business letter, you should be aware that there are a few different business letter formats from which you can choose, depending on the different reason why you are writing your letter. The first “block style” sample and modified business letter is a very easy way of writing a business letter.

All of the included paragraphs should not be indented and the margins of the letter should be at least 1 up to 1.5 space in between. In some cases, you can use a letterhead from your company, and if you do, it should be on the right side of the margin. Of course, an open line should be left in between each paragraph. In the end, you can finish the letter with “sincerely” or “kind regards”, and of course your name.

The second type of business letter format is also a very easy letter to write. There is a slight difference between the first letter that we mentioned previously and this one. In this one, you should always attempt to indent each first word of the paragraphs. In general, all of the other rules stay the same, just like in the above mentioned letter format. Always make sure that you pay attention to the font and the size of the font. In business letters, the most appropriate and accepted fonts are Arial and Times New Roman. The size of the font should always be 12. Stick to using bold, italics and underlined in an suitable manner as well.

The third type of letter is the sample block letter. After writing down all of the basic information about the sender and the receiver, you start writing down paragraphs without any indenting. All of the margins must be at least 1 up to 1.5 space in between them. The sentences should be singe-spaced, and you should always manage to leave at least one extra fully open line in between each paragraph.

Adjustment and complaint letters are also serious types of formats that need to encompass the firm or company. When you are writing an adjustment letter, you must stick to a humble tone that will provide general information but also be very nice and easy-going towards the receiver. On the other hand, in complaint letters, the complainant should say that they have been thoroughly inconvenienced and thus, this particular type of business letter must make sure that the mistake is going to be fully acknowledged and the solutions that can help and resolve all of the problems are listed out in the letter. That way, the reader is going to have idea about all of the wishes of the complainant. By knowing what exactly the writer of this type of letter wants, the reader/receiver of the letter is going to find an easier way to manage and solve the specific issue which is covered in the complaint letter. In this type of letter, there should not be too many paragraphs and the letter should always end in a polite manner, with phrases such as “best regards”, “all the best”, “sincerely” etc.

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