5 Tips for Writing a Good Real Estate Letter

Real estate letter is a type of letter that is generally written to a seller of a specific house/apartment and it should be written in a formal manner with a touch of privacy so your seller can get to know you better.

Remember that just a little bit of flattery in some situations can be quite helpful, too, so adding a few kind words here and there should never be neglected, especially not while writing a real estate letter. The first thing you need to remember is sharing something that is a bit more personal. This should come after a subtle compliment for the “new” home and the seller. Adding some personal and important info is always a plus, something that can be a memorable fact for your seller.

That way, he/she will feel like they are getting to know you through your written words. Adding a personal picture is also a great touch to your letter. If the seller is pet friendly, you can try adding one with your pet animals, too! That way you will have one extra detail to the entire picture and will let your seller get to know you even more. Plus, they will have a chance to imagine how the new house occupant and their family are going to look like. Also, t should mention some things that you have in common. That way, you are forming a bond or some sort of relationship.

Aspiring owners should always try to do that because by doing that, they can point out something that they are certain their seller loves and thus, mention that they share the same love and interest, regardless of what that is – music, books, art, sports etc. However, do not get into it too much and make the entire thing uncomfortable.

Keep it classy and diplomatic, do not share too much of your love for a certain thing. Another tip you need to have in mind is that the letter should not be long. That would be boring and a bit weird, too. That is why you should focus on adding the most important things and simply not overdoing it with unimportant details.

Always make sure that you end the letter in an appropriate and formal manner. You should start strong, but you should also finish it strong, too. Always express an authentic and genuine curiosity about the home that they are offering. If you are, the seller is actually going to consider you as an eligible buyer.

Of course, you should always have in mind that even if your letter is perfect and over the top interesting, it is not really guaranteed that they are going to choose you and think of you as the perfect buyer. The offer is also important when it comes to buying a new home. That should not discourage you from trying your best, but you should always keep in mind that the letter is just a part of the process, not the final deal itself.

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