5 Tips to Write Sales Emails that People Actually Open

Everyone has experienced it. Writing sales emails carefully, going through each and every sentence, brainstorming ideas for the most catchy subject line. But, when stats come in, you notice that your carefully crafted emails don’t get open as much as you would want to and the number of clicks is disappointing.

Read on and learn how to get rid of those disappointing numbers and create ales emails that people will open.

First, think about your own preferences. Which emails do you like reading the most, the ones that come from some corporations or emails that come from your friends? Easy choice, right?

So, this might be the solution to your problem. Starting to write the sales email mike you would write them to a friend. Create a minimalist design of your sales emails and tone down the corporate voice and look. Be respectful, but use a conversational language.

One of the most important rules is not to write emails about everything. Don’t waste the precious time of other people. Write emails only when you have something really valuable to share with them.

Also, don’t just write and send emails when you need your clients to do something for you. Offer some help too, be friendly and be generous.

Use your real name for the sign-off of the email. That looks more personal.

Make sure that your clients and readers of the emails get something as a reward from reading all of your emails. They need to benefit in some kind from it. For an example, you can share some useful tips in every email, or offer  some discounts from time to time. This will make them feel better and will inspire them.

Every person’s inbox is filled with boring and not interesting emails. So, you need to write catchy subject lines that will stand out in the crowd.

Share your offer in the subject line and make it a good offer. If people see in the subject line what they will learn from that email or how it will help them, they’re most likely to open it and click on it.

You can subscribe to some email lists which have masterfully created emails and you can analyze their subject emails, the body of the emails and everything that can help you.

If you made your audience to open the email, you’ve done one part of the job. The next one is to keep their attention and make them read the whole email.

Don’t write long and boring emails. Make them short and simple. Also, don’t have an automated greeting at the end. Make the greeting personal and friendly.

The word “”you”is one of the most persuasive words and you should definitely use it in your sales emails.

After you’ve accomplished all this, you want to persuade the reader to buy something, you’re not doing this only for fun.

What you need to sell is the benefits of your product, not the product itself. So, always explain the benefits in the emails.

Insert many links in the email that will guide the reader to the same page, your page, where they can buy the product. This increases the chances for people to click on the link.

Have your requests and cal-to-action clearly emphasized. The readers need to know what is expected from them and why they should buy the product.

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