5 Top CV Trends for 2017

The job market is a ruthless place and everybody are trying to stand out from the crowd. To distinguish themselves from others. And one of the things that you can do is try to make your CV speak more about you and your work. Something that makes you better for the job that the hundreds that applied also. I think that the standard CV doesn’t cut it anymore. With the constant growth of technology, it is logical that the way we apply for a job is changing.

This is the year to take a new approach to your cv design and it is time to make the best of your qualifications.  Think about yourself as a brand, and your CV as the main channel for promotion. Every year there are new and improved trends for making the best CV you can and these are the top CV trends for 2017.

Trend #1 Innovative Resumes

This is the year to skip the standard Word document overused words like perfectionist and goal oriented worker. The recruiters are faced with constant growth from applicants  and the bar is set really high now.  Now is time to make a concept of fresh and new resume that will give you advantage in the market. Engage in creating easy to look and read resume that will highlight your best qualifications. Whether you seek help from help books, specialized blogs for creating cutting edge resumes or professional help from a writer , your main goal should be the way the employer will benefit from you and your brand.

Trend #2 Visual Resumes

With the wide popularity of picture sharing platforms and apps it is safe to say that we are visually driven society and we process pictures better than words. This information is widely recognized and used in the job seeking market. And this trend has good legs to stand on. Researches say that content with relevant pictures gets more views than content without.  Some people are startled from this trend but it is just a simple way to freshen up your resume. You can use all kinds of programs, like Word or PowerPoint to create chart or a graph for highlighting important keywords of your resume. People with design education and background can design their CV to represent their style and way of work.

Trend #3 Creative Resumes

Couple of months ago a column about a marketing specialist who pretended to be a delivery boy and delivered doughnut boxes with his resume to top 10 marketing agencies in San Francisco went viral. This is a prime example of how people are using their creativity to help and boost them in the sea of competition.

They say that our brain can connect information better if they are shown through a graphic source or a picture. One way to use this to your advantage is using pictures and engage them in a short but efficient storytelling .Creating an infographic resume is the way to do this. Infographic resumes takes a lot of data and information and shows them through images and text allowing recruiters to grasp the essentials from the data. The sky is the limit in this kinds of resumes.

Trend #4 To the point Resumes

Career coach say that recruiters only give 10 seconds to a resume. So in the interest of grabbing their attention always make sure that your CV is short with clear sentences that are easy to read and understand. When going through hundreds and hundreds of resumes, now is not the time to present your autobiography to the recruiters. To help yourself in your resume, be concise, try to say what you need with fewer words. Make you information flow better on the piece of paper with clean white lines that separate different subjects and if you have a lot of data, use charts or pies to summarize information.

Trend #5 Change is good

While couple of years ago, HR specialist and recruiters dismissed people that changed jobs and didn’t stay longer in one places now we don’t have to worry about this changes. Millennials or people born between 1980 and 1996 are the most likely to hop from one to another company.

Gallup made a research and states that 60% of millennials are open to new positions in a different company. And with this number of people that change workplaces the point of view of short lived jobs is not frowned upon anymore. Even more it can play to your advantage. Different workplaces means adaption to different work environment and the ability to learn faster.

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