5 Types of Real Estate Letters You Should Use

Real estate letters are really helpful for real estate agents to boost their sales and spread their network of loyal and potential new customers. Here are the 5, proven to be really helpful, types of real estate letters that you can use.

  • Introduction

Introduction is always needed to make that first impression and impress your new clients. But, analysts have proven that in order for a real estate agent to make a sale, he will need from 4 to 7 contacts. This proves that the sale is a process not a one-time event. In your introduction letter you need to introduce yourself, show that you are highly respected and that you are really good at providing your best services. If you consider yourself as an innovative agent, make sure to mention that and explain how you incorporate new trends into your work. You also have to assure the clients that you will work with them strictly to please their goals and their wishes. Show the results and accomplishments you have achieved so far to show your experience. List all the services that you offer.

  • General Prospecting

General prospecting will show to your client your dedication your efforts and your motivation for getting the work done for him. This type of letter is also used when you want to invite a client to some seminar and even if he is not interested at the moment, you should let him know that it might be useful for him in the future when he decides on buying or selling a certain property. It is useful also when congratulating couples on becoming new parents and seeing if they need more space and are ready to purchase a new home.

  • Announcing a New Agent

This is probably one of the trickiest things to do, but it is really important. No matter if you are announcing yourself as a new agent, or announcing a new agent from your company, you have to prove the enthusiasm that you are willing to employ in your work and show that you have all the skills needed for doing this job. This type of letter should introduce you but also bring confidence in the client that you are good for the job and that your services will be of a good use to him.

  • Market for Slow Housing

This market for slow housing offers different possibilities for families, individuals and investors if they want to make money while using the increase of inventories, the drop of the prices, the short sales or the foreclosures. Every good real estate agent knows that he has to market these opportunities with these groups of people and make them increase the transactions, and that way increase the revenue of his work and business.

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