Common Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Cost

There are people who are really good workers and employees but can never show that off because of their bad resume which gets thrown away immediately. Although many things have changed in the working environment, one thing has definitely remained the same – the resume and its importance for getting the dream job.

Some of the top resume mistakes that job recruiters list are grammatical and spelling errors. But, it is also important to know some other things that may trigger the recruiter to throw away your resume and not look at it. Here’s what many job recruiters would say about this.

  • The resume has a bad format

The look of your resume is important, always have this in mind. Minor mistakes like double spaces or not aligned indentations can make the resume look bad, so always do double checks for these things. Another thing is to keep the resume minimal without funky fonts or some creative additions. This does not show your professionalism.

  • An immature resume is a problem

Many hiring managers say they throw away resumes with pictures on them, especially ones that have pictures like kittens, or cartoon characters or celebrities and you’re applying for a mature job in a professional environment.

  • Don’t use templates

If you choose to follow a template which many computer programs offer you, you show to the employer that you did not put creativeness into your resume writing. Also be sure to make adjustments and customize your resume to be relevant for the job you are applying. You cannot use the same version of your resume for applying to 10 different jobs in different areas. If your resume is not customized you give the impression that you do not know exactly what the employer is looking in the candidates and you just hope yours will fit in somehow.

  • Deceptive resumes

Hiding dates in your resume is not a good thing to do. Having a time gap between two positions is not 100% sure to hurt your chances for getting the job. So, if you have it, don’t hide it. Use the cover letter to explain that time gap the reasons for it and what did you do at that time. And while we’re mentioning the cover letter, writing it is a must, so spend some of your time on it as well and make it great and unique.

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