E-mail Lines that Will Make Readers Take Action

The e-mail line determines whether the email will be opened by a potential client.

If you want to come up with a catching phrase for the subject line then you need to start by having a clear business objective. If you don’t know what exactly you want to accomplish you won’t be able to sell it to the clients. Knowing why you want the readers to see the e-mail line, open the mail and then take action will make you successful.

Of course, the primary reason is to make money but there are other reasons besides that, as well. Customer satisfaction should be one of them. In case your e-mails get opened and you receive a reply you must respond. People like to see that someone cares about them, that their satisfaction is important. Not paying attention to them after they have bought a product will only distance them from you and your company or product.

The unique selling proposition or USP is what causes readers to open the e-mails. That unique proposition should be wrapped in the e-mail line. You should make sure that when people read the e-mail line they know you can do something that other marketers can’t and that your product is the best and it is unique.

Phrasee made an experiment and examined more than 700 million e-mails in order to figure out what triggers people and which phrases, words, incentives catch people’s attention. Those words that suggest something new will be presented to them if they open the e-mail have a great success.

Verbs like spend and celebrate don’t perform well, they actually repulse the customer. Subject lines like “your next order” and “all orders” inspire customers to take actions. Their most favorite one is “free delivery included”. When you push people to hurry they don’t respond well. Instead of telling them to hurry so they don’t miss something, you can send them an e-mail early with a e-mail line that says “sale” or “major discounts”.

e-mail lines

In order to perform well even after the readers have opened your e-mail, you need to have a website or a blog post where potential and present customers can find more information regarding your offer and maybe find something else as well like a new product.

You can enclose a link to your website in the e-mail. Your website must be easy to use and should have all kinds of information. You can set up an open chat on your web where people can express their opinions, experiences and you can talk to them there. When people visit your website they should see that you care for them and that they will be taken care of and informed on time even after this purchase.

To conclude, if you want to be successful at internet marketing you need to build a relationship with your clients. You must know them and what triggers them. You must share information and communicate with them. Understanding them will make you stand out and get you to think of a e-mail line that will catch their eye and open your e-mail.

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