Examples of Effective Brochure Designs

While it is true that phones and computers have done a great deal to digitalize advertisements and bring your products closer to customer, the printed brochure is not to be undervalued. Having an effective brochure design will allow you to display your products in a better, more organized way and will make it available to everyone. 

A well designed brochure will do all this and more, it will set you apart from the competition and if consistent will determine your brand identity. Another good thing about a brochure is that it is immediate in presentation. Rather than handing a business card with your email on it for the client to go on and check out your products, you can hand them an effective display of the services and products you offer which allows you to discuss them on the spot. 

So it is a smart move to have an effective brochure design that will allow your company to display professionalism and competence in today’s market.

1. Less is more

There is a reason why minimalism is on the rise in graphic design. Minimal design works really well in advertisements and brochures because it eliminated the noise and focuses on the product. The first thing you have to ask yourself is if you can incorporate minimalism into your brand and if yes, how can you make it work.

minimalist brochure design

Leaving a blank spaces on a page might look empty on first glance and against our human instinct to fill everything and make the most of the space we are given, but with a bit of professionalism, minimal design can do wonders. Choosing a modern typeface will give your brochure a bit of edginess to it. Another thing is to look out for the photos you are putting in the brochure. You want to keep them clean and polished so that they go along with the design.

2. Keep it interesting

Even if your product is the more traditional, mundane thing that it would seem can’t be made appealing, simple tricks work for everything. Effective brochure designs often have surprises in them. Think of a double or triple fold out that would mean better display of your product. Again, the key here is good photography.

interesting brochure design

You can also take advantage of the laser cut and integrate interesting details into the brochure. This will make your company look more professional and will up your game in defining your brand.

3. Textures and materials

These are a tricky game to play, but when done nicely they make every brochure more interesting and engaging. Think about different types of paper and textures you can incorporate in the design and the making of the brochures. For example, you can use recycled paper to achieve a look that will make your company seem environmental and green, or combined with the right textures you can make the look of the brochure a bit more industrial and rugged.

brochure design

On the other hand, a sleek, smooth paper works for sophisticated and elegant design. Think about your options and look at textures and materials as an asset, rather than taking them for granted.

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