How to Choose the Best Brochure Type for Your Business

Business brochures are great for presenting your services and products to returning clients and to potential new customers. There are different brochure types and you should choose the one that best represents the mission of your business and the services and products that you offer. The brochures will only help grow your business, and expand your network of clients.

A flyer is one tool for marketing, but using a brochure rather than a simple flyer gives a chance for a more targeted advertisement. Also, a brochure is more hard to design because there are two panels and both of them have different margins, text and images. Offer a comprehensive and precise information in your brochure.

Different aspects of the brochure like fold, size and design play a huge role in the whole appearance of the brochure as well as its usefulness. Picking the right design for your brochure can really help your business and marketing strategy. Besides the bi-fold brochures, there are also tri-fold brochures, and brochures with inserts and pockets. If you have a lot of information to present, you can choose the tri-fold brochure, because it offers 6 panels and a bi-fold offers 4.

When deciding on the design of the brochure, include information and text that best represents the professionalism, the industry and the values of your business. Things that every brochure should include are: list of services and products offered, the logo of the company, mission statement and contact information. There’s one acronym that many brochure designers follow and that is – AIDA, which means “Attention, Interest, Desire, Action”. So, you need to get the customer’s attention, create interest for your services and products, increase their desire for a specific product or a service and ask from them for an action. This means that you need to inform the reader what is expected from him to be done after he reads the brochure.

A beautifully designed brochure will leave a big impact on the customers and will increase your network of new and potential ones. A brochure lets yu not only promote your services and products but also use text to give information. The best brochures contain eye-catching and attractive graphics, details organized in a layout that is interesting and aesthetically beautiful and have the correct size for the right purpose.

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