How to Create a Pamphlet in Microsoft Word?

If you want to create a pamphlet that will attract people’s attention and look professional, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on that, then try creating a pamphlet on your own in MS Word. Even though, there aren’t advanced features, it is a great way to design personalized pamphlets and gives good results.

Probably you are familiar with all the functions Microsoft Word can do, and navigating through the program is quite easy. However, not everyone has checked the templates that Microsoft has included in Word. No matter the version of MS Word, there are always templates. Though, they might differ a little.

First, open a blank new document in MS Word from the Start menu at the bottom, on the left corner of the screen. Next, go on your online browser and visit the Microsoft Office Online page and click on templates. From that menu, choose pamphlets. Even though most of them have the structure of a template, they can serve the purpose, as well.

From the list of pamphlets, there are pamphlets for various purposes, choose the most suitable purpose for you and choose the template for download on the “Download” button under each template. When the template is downloaded, it opens in MS Office Word and you customize it by yourself to serve your needs and purposes.  

pamphlet in microsoft word  

If you want t include different pictures in the pamphlet, simply click on the picture you want to change, delete it and insert another picture. The same goes for the text, if you want another format of the text then go to Home tub and choose font and font size that suits you.

After you finished your product, save it aside and print it according to the instructions. You can print it on a regular paper, but experts recommend choosing special paper for pamphlets as it looks more sophisticated and professional. 

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