How to Customize Sell Letter Templates

Sell letters are the most important tool for marketing purposes that small business owners have. There is little or no cost for sending these sell letters and the results are big and worthy. Small business owners face the need of good sell letters constantly, whether it is for following up a meeting, follow up a lead which was generated from advertising communications or to follow up a phone conversation. But, sales letters are not easy for writing so people might find them a bit of challenging.

And, since many think that writing this letter is easy, they get frustrated after some time of failing to achieve the wanted result. Even professional writers that have many years of experience in writing these sell letters need a lot of time for preparing and writing it. In order for you to also be successful, you need to have a group of diverse sell letters ready and in a need of just small modifications in the moment.

This way, your sales letter will be great. Here are some guidelines which you can follow when customizing the sales letter templates.

  • Personalize it

Even though you’re writing about your business, you should always be personal. The sales letter should address the recipient by name and show how the product, the service and the company will meet the recipient’s needs. Since many sales letters are sent as a follow-up for a previous discussion, you will probably have enough info for customization of the letters. Keep in mind the salutation. If you haven’t come to the point where you and the recipient are speaking on a first-name basis, then stay formal and use the last name of the recipient.

  • Focus on the benefits

Your sales letter must focus on the benefits which the reader will gain from your service or your product in order for it to be a successful sales letter. You need to answer the recipient – What’s in it for him? And, a good sales letter always contains this information in the first few sentences. After that, you just explain more into details the whole service. Then, in the final paragraph, again, state the benefit the recipient is getting.

  • Direct your letter to the outside world

Don’t write about what “we offer” but about what “you will get”. People don’t want to read about the things you do, the way you do them or what you can provide. They want to know how that can help them, how the thing you do will make their life easier. So, customize the letter according to this point of view and by eliminating words like “I” and “we”.

  • Make the responsibility for the next step yours

If you are a start advertiser, you know that you shouldn’t expect prospects to make the first step after the letter. Even if you offer an incentive with a strong call, you should still inform the reader what you plan to do next. So, make yourself available for contact, but don’t expect that everyone will do it. Also, make sure that you follow through with the action that you stated as next.

  • Add a postscript

Even though the postscript is not appropriate for any type of business, it’s a sales tactic that certainly can be borrowed from the direct mails for some businesses. Many recipients have a tendency to read the salutation first, then the postscript, and then the body, so it’s a good idea to add it.

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