How to Customize Your CV for a Specific Job Opening

Applying for different jobs requires you to customize your CV. If you are wondering why you have applied to several job posts and you didn’t get an interview that is because your CV is not adjusted to the requirements of the specific job. You can increase the number of return calls you get by customizing your CV.

Every employer has specific requirements and you need to meet those requirements in order to get the job you desire. Strengthen your resume by telling the employer what he/she wants to hear and take the time to do a research. Before you start creating your CV carefully read the job description and memorize the qualities you need in order to get the job. Also, see if you can do good at the job you want to get. When you are done researching the company and determining the qualities you posses and that will be useful for the job start customizing you CV. The most efficient thing you can do is create one general CV and then make small changes for each position.

You can check online for website that offer customization and see if you will get ahead. Create a resume that has an objective and targets the specific position. For instance if your resume objective is to ease the job of the manager you have bigger chances of getting the job than other person whose resume doesn’t have an objective. Match your qualifications with the requirements. Use words that are persuasive and make sure the CV has a clear design. The part about education never changes so you only have to customize the qualification part.

how to customize your cv

Make a research about the company and the former employees and if possible see their CVs. Search online for font suggestions. It is important that the font of the letters is appropriate. Comic sans for example is not the font you should use in a CV. Download a CV template that is most often used or check the job description and see if they prefer a certain CV format. The spacing and the margins play an important role as well. There are specific rules that need to be followed. If you want to risk and be bold then you can try and fully customize the CV by creating a specific format that will set apart your CV from the rest. This is a bold move and you need to be careful if you are considering this option. Either you will immediately impress the employers with your CV or you won’t get a call for an interview.

To summarize, the important thing is to list the qualities you posses and that are suitable for the job position. You must have the proper format and you should always have a basic CV ready so that you only change some parts of it. Also, choose an appropriate picture of you and make sure that all your personal information is correct.

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