How to Customize your CV for Specific Jobs

Research has shown that employers spend about 10 seconds skimming through your resume before deciding if you are qualified for a position. That is why it is really important that your resume is well written for the job you are applying for.

Customizing your CV for a specific job just makes sense. An employer doesn’t have the time to read through your whole CV in order to find the experience and the skills he or she is interested in. Be smart and customize your CV.

That means making your CV specific and focusing on traits and experiences depending on the job you are applying for. That means doing your homework and learning about the company with which you want to with. Here’s how to make the most and be prepared when applying for a job. Read our guides and get that job interview.

  1. Do your research

Before applying for a job at a company make sure you do your research about the company and position. Find out what the value and exactly what kind of skills are required. This is your starting point. This will help further to customize your CV. Learn as much as you can. If the company has a website, or about us page read though it carefully and find out their values.

  1. Highlight your past experiences

Most people change way to many jobs before settling down in a company and building a career there. And as much as you might want to state your extensive experience having a CV longer than 2 pages will only result in losing interest from the employer. Rather than that just write your most impressive experiences on you CV, but most importantly, write down the most relevant job experiences. Make sure you state how these experiences have prepared you for the job you are applying for now. Focus on the future, not the past.

  1. Set your skills

Again, do your research about the company and the job position and see which skills you need and which can be omitted. You want to make it as straightforward as possible that you are the perfect person for the job with all the qualifications. Adjust your skill set and tell them how each skill makes you a valuable contribution to the team. 

  1. Job title and location

These are smaller adjustments that you need to make but still very important as they tell your employer about your dedication. Change the seeking job titles on your CV depending on the job position you are applying for. This makes you seem more interested in the job and more motivated. Make sure that you also have stated your current location or if applicable, that you are able to change location depending on job opportunities.

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