How to Find Good Sympathy Letter Samples

Sympathy letters can be tricky because finding the right words to express condolences in a difficult time is a delicate process. You don’t want to over-do it and seem fake in reaching out to the person, but you still don’t want to seem cold and want to express genuine concern and empathy. Sympathy letter samples come in handy because most of us find ourselves lost for words in such difficult situations. Most people are not prepared for these types of situation and a little help comes in handy.

1. Keep it short

When looking for a sympathy letter sample remember the sole purpose of a sympathy letter. You want the receiver to know that you are there for him or her and to express your condolences. It is important to keep it short and clear. Going on and on for a full page or two will not make your feelings more sincere. Look for a sympathy letter sample that has two or three paragraphs where you can say that you are sorry for their loss and offer any help they might need.

2. Think about the person you are writing to

Each person is different and your relationship with them is different as well. Think about the person you are writing to and the position you are in concerning this event when looking for a good sympathy letter samples. How close you are with this person and if there is something other than expressing your condolences that you can do to help him or her during this tragic event. Depending on your relationship the content of your sympathy letter may change.

If you are a bit distant but still feel the need to send a sympathy letter, a more generic one may come in handy, just to show this person that you are thinking about them and wishing them the easiest time possible through a difficult loss. If however you are fairly close to this person, your sympathy letter may be a bit more personal and include even a memory from the past to help them through and express sympathy, and you might even offer to do something for them and actually help around the grieving process.

3. Don’t choose the first one you find

Or if you do, make sure you change it a fair amount. The chances are this person is going to get a lot of sympathy letters and most of them will have the same thing inside, but you still want to avoid having the exact same sympathy letter as someone else. So even if you are bad at words and especially bad at words at a difficult situation you might want to make the effort and change the sample sympathy letter so that you don’t end up with the exact same sentence as someone else.

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