How to Gather the Email List for Your Marketing Campaign

Did you know that your marketing campaign email database decreases by around 22.5% each year. Your contacts change email addresses when they move from one firm to another, abandon the address that they use for filling out forms on different websites, or when they opt-out of the email communication. 

As an advertiser and marketer, you need to make sure that you are adding contacts to your marketing campaign. But, never try to buy email lists.

If you haven’t started working on this, or you don’t have an idea how to do it, read on for the best tips on how to grow your email marketing campaign list.

  • Create unique email content. If you want your subscribers to stay subscribed and even share your emails with colleagues, friends and family then you need to have amazing content.
  • Encourage your subscribers to share your emails by including “Send to a friend” button or buttons for social sharing. This way, you create your access to new network of potential subscribers. You can also add a “Subscribe” button so that anyone that wants to, can do it immediately, straight from the email.
  • Make a free giveaway with an online contests with subscribing to your emails as a condition.
  • Design a free tool that can be found online and have people register with an email for getting the tool.
  • Promote offers that ask for an email registration on your social media platforms. Be sure to add “share” buttons so that your audience gets a chance to send the content to other contacts.
  • Add a call-to-action button on your business page on Facebook. Then link this button with a page from your website that will require an email subscription.
  • Promote your offers that require an email registration on Pinterest as well.
  • Use your website as well and link to offers which require email signups. Make the subscription process really easy and make it easy to be seen when you visit your webpage, like your main page, home page or the About Us page.
  • Partner with some other website or newsletter agency and have new emails from another source.
  • Plan and organize a webinar or conference with a partner and have them promote the registration as well.
  • Try to collect emails during offline events. Make sure that you have a welcome or a thank you email prepared for welcoming new subscribers.
  • Organize your own hackathons, meetups, educational discussion panels or conferences and collect emails.
  • Or, organize an online webinar and make the registration with an email.
  • Use paid search ads which will link to a page with an email subscription.

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