How to Offer your Services in a Great Sell Letter

Your benefits and offer of your product or service in a sell letter will make the bulk of it. Many of the readers may make the same mistake of knowing what the sell letter is going to be and already being familiar with the product when the truth is they have only gone through the first couple of sentences.

Let’s look at it this way, how much time and money will they save in their pocket. Also, not detailing what your product has to offer you can lose your sell. Now, this is a very usual mistake. You also need to be aware of the fact that a lot of people try to oversell their service or product. While creating your sell copy you will need to make a balance. Do not make your copy too sell orientated because this might turn down the readers. Always bare in mind that reader are your main focus and you should always put yourself in their place and time.

great sell letter

What you should do is to keep you sell copy light and easy going, in the same time you should be interesting and have a huge amount of semi direct persuasion. In the end, it all goes back to the fact of persuasively motivating the customers to make the best of the offer you have presented and to take immediate action. There is one way of doing this, which is the method of scarcity. For example, say that you have limited number of items of your product, or that they can purchase your product for a very special price for a limited time or you can also state that your items are limited edition only.

The main component of your sell copy will be the temptation given to the customers. You can also include an image, web site information or a video message in order to give testimonials. The more believable and persuasive your testimonials are, the better they will do the work. When you are including the benefits your product has, do not forget to make bullet points because for sure they will do the trick. Bullet points then to catch the readers eye, stand out and emphasizing your product’s quality and features that you’re offering. This would best fit and should be a part of the main story of your sell letter.

The person meaning the customer who is about to read this letter is supposed to be able to place himself/herself in your part of the story and to see all the benefits and features that you are offering. Using a story is also a great way to interact with your readers, make you thing work and also get their imagination on the run. It will also make your sell copy more believable if only they can imagine themselves in your story and for seeing or visualizing the way your product will change their lives forever.

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