How to Start and End a Business Letter

Writing business letters is a very challenging experience for many. That goes especially for the opening i.e. introduction and the ending of the letter. Everyone want to create the perfect letter that will professionally and clearly convey the message, so here is how you can do that.

The first thing you should know about writing a business letter is that you have to write your business address on the top left corner of the letter. Bellow that part you should leave a few lines and then write the date. Then, you should leave an extra few lines and write the address of the company on the right side. Once you are done with that, you can start writing the letter.

Every business letter should start with “Dear”. They you can either write the name of the person you are writing to or use sir/madam. When you write to a woman you use Mrs or Miss. After that, you write a comma, skip one blank line and start writing the body of the letter. The body of the letter should start with a phrase suitable for the occasion you are writing for. For example, if you are writing as a follow up for a meeting, state the reason in the first sentence. Then explain exactly why you are writing. After you have formally told the reason why you are writing you can make a request.

business letter

Note that, if you are going to meet that person in the future, you have to express your enthusiasm for meeting him/her. You can end the business letter in three ways. Use yours faithfully when you are writing to a person you don’t know. When you know the person you are writing to, use yours sincerely. When you are at close contact with the person you are writing to you can say best regards or best wishes.

Make sure that in the closing paragraph you clearly state what the recipient of the letter should do. For example, if you want to cancel an order, clearly state that in the letter. Ask for action. Also, always include thank you or a thanking sentence in the end. It shows respect to the person reading the letter. Thank that person for taking the time to read the letter and respond to your request. Also, include a line that clearly states where and how you can be reached, if the recipient is in need of additional information, or if any changes occur.

Discuss future meetings in the ending. Make sure the recipient is aware that you want to hear from him or see him in a meeting etc. In the ending line, after the best wishes, yours sincerely etc part, leave two blank rows and write your full name. After that, sign the letter. If it is necessary, add a post script. Most business letters don’t include a postscript, but if for example you are also sending a document, you can say p.s. I enclose the certain document.

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