How to Write a Formal Condolence Letter

Preparing a condolence letter is sometimes very hard, especially if it is your first time writing a letter like this. Expressing personal grief and deep sorrowful feelings can be a true struggle for many individuals. However, demonstrating honest respect and love can have a positive impact on other individuals, and sometimes even bring solace to them. That is why condolence letters are still being written by many people all around the globe.

When you are writing a letter like this, you should remember that the main goal is to give respect and honor the person who has passed away. At the same time, while expressing grief, you should also show a special, more intimate side of yourself- for example talk about memories with the deceased etc.

Remember that while you are writing a letter like this, simple letter writing rules are not possible.

The structure of the letter exists, of course, but the entire idea behind the letter is to be open and express your emotions in the most honest and simple way possible.

First you should describe briefly the personal relationship that you have shared. Talk about your feelings towards the deceased and be open while writing. In addition to this, you should share some memories that remind you of them and show a more personal side to you that are going to serve as illustration based on all of the highlights about the person that passed away. Talk about their unique and specific qualities and their strength, too.

In the letter, you can also offer some support and help if the person or people who are reading it are in need of it. Of course, when you are offering your help you should be more specific: what you can do, when you can do it etc. However, we suggest that you should not be doing or making promises that you simply cannot keep up with.

That will only leave them broken even more, and in some cases disappointed. In times like these, it is extremely important to be there for the people that are grieving. Every small detail can seem more hurtful than it is in those moments of loss. You should extend your deepest condolences, if needed to the rest of the family members. It does not matter if you are close to them or not. You should be open and honest but do not over do it.

The letter should be a symbol of honest support and real affection. This letter should help them go through the most difficult event of their lives. You should always stick to being concise but sincere while writing a condolence letter because of the nature of the letter- it suggests honesty and bravery and it should symbolize a quiet and subtle way of grieving for a loved one through the beauty of the written word.

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