How to Write a Good Offer to a Seller

Prices continue to increase, which makes writing a good offer to the seller much harder. At this time and this market, homebuyers are those who have to adapt to the offers of the sellers. For one house there can be several buyers, really interested in it.

That puts most people in an undesirable position because they will have to spend a lot of money on buying the house and they won’t have any left for remodeling, buying new furniture etc. Not only do you have to make a good offer, you have to give the seller a good reason why you should be the one he picks from the whole crowd. Homebuyers are often required to write personal letter along with the offer.

A home buyer from California, Ann Banks, explains how she bought her house some time ago. She wrote a letter to the seller and in it stating that the reason why she would love to live in that house is the big space and feels like home. She explained that the main reason for buying the house would be the closeness of the schools in which her grandchildren lived. The sellers were also grandparents that wanted to move closer to their grandchildren, so they chose Ann.

You see, giving a good reason why you want the place gives you a better chance of getting it. If possible, make a research about the owners and find something in common. They will like you more if they find similarities in you. If you have nothing in common, just speak from the heart.

good offer

Flatter! Tell the owner you love the decorations and compliment their choice of colors. If he likes you, you will get the upper hand. But, keep it sincere. Paint a picture of the life you imagine there. And never, ever, say that you want to remodel, redecorate or rebuild something. You will definitely not get chosen if you tell the owners you want to turn their house around. Every homeowner takes pride in the decoration of the house so you need to compliment them instead or criticizing. At least, that’s how they will see it.

Present yourself as a stable person who is determined to close the deal and make the purchase. Show humility and ask for the owner’s blessing. Tell them you would be honored to live in a house where a family/person as pleasant as them has lived. Don’t whine in the letter. You need to keep the owner happy and smiling when he reads the letter, not sad and confused.

Don’t write more than three paragraphs. The motivation and excitement about buying the house should be recapped in the final paragraph. When you are done, thank the seller for their time and write “yours truly”, “best regards” or “sincerely” before you sign your name in a new row. The letter will give an emotional edge to the offer and make it more appealing. After that, wait for the phone to ring. Good luck.

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