How to Write a Letter of Resignation

Find yourself in a situation where you want to quit your job? The first thing you need to do is write a letter of resignation. Before the last work day on your job comes, you need to have a letter of resignation written, prepared and sent to your employer.

Yo might think that you don’t need to write it, but a lot of the employers actually require it just so that they have it on file as proof that you voluntarily left the job. It’s a good practice to submit a letter of resignation, even if you weren’t ask for it by the employer. This step will help you keep the good relationship you had with your employer and also, allow you to go forward.

There might come a time when you will need a reference from that old employer, so it’s worth maintaining good relations and contacts.

You should send your letter of resignation after the in-person resignation, 2 weeks before you depart, unless of course, the contract of employment suggests otherwise.

What should be included in the letter

Your letter of resignation should be honest and simple. The 4 most important things that need to be mentioned are:

  • Date when you are submitting the letter
  • Formal resignation statement
  • The end date that you propose and
  • Signature

After these important things are mentioned, you should also express your gratitude for the opportunity that you had and worked for them. Your employer will be glad to know that he didn’t waste his time with you and that you both benefitted from the time that you spent working there.

Think about the best moments you had while working there and keep them in mind when writing the letter. Even you didn’t enjoy working there that much, let the boss know when you really did.

You should also mention that you are willing to help with training the new person who will come as your replacement and prepare him/her for the job.

What to avoid

Never forget that your letter of resignation will forever be kept in your file. Keep the content polite and professional because this letter might be shown to your future employer.

Human resources managers say the way you quit your job can have an effect on your future career. That’s why there are some things that shouldn’t be mentioned n your letter of resignation.

  The reason for leaving

  • What you really hated
  • Writing emotionally

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