How to Write a Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

Cover letters can be tricky even if you are a seasoned professional. It requires the perfect balance between being modest and praising yourself to present your capabilities. The pressure can be even higher when writing a cover letter as a real estate agent. It’s a job that requires eloquence so the cover letter has to be fit for the position.

A lot of real estate agent work for themselves, but there are advantages to working for a bigger company, and to get a job as a real estate agent in such a company you usually apply by bringing a well composed CV and a well written cover letter. And while the CV is a pretty straight forward document, the real estate agent cover letter is a chance to present yourself in your own professional voice. Here are some tips on how to compose a good real estate agent cover letter.

First thing you have to take note of is the use of language. The cover letter must be eloquently composed and with proper grammar. Remember that the voice of the text directly reflects you as a real estate agent.

Second, you need to know the order and composition. A cover letter always starts with a formal greeting and proper introduction, proceeds with a few paragraphs or bullet points that make the body of the letter and ends with a conclusion and a formal signature. A cover letter is brief, not exceeding a page length and concise, not repeating information.

As a real estate agent you are expected to know how to sell things and persuade people. So crafting your own cover letter can be viewed as selling yourself and your strengths to the company you are applying to. The greeting and the introduction are self-explanatory and there is not a lot of place to experiment when writing those. You need to be formal and polite in the greeting and introduce yourself professionally in the first paragraph.

The body of the cover letter is to talk about your strengths as a real estate agent and your relevant past experience. Here you need to link the best part of your experiences and what you have learnt from them and how that makes you a perfect candidate for the position you are applying for. Use each paragraph and sentence wisely because you need to be brief and concise. Each paragraph should have a different strength that works in your benefit as a real estate agent. You also need to state why you are going to be of value to the company and how do you expect to grow into the new job position, in other words, tell them what you’re bringing to the table and sell yourself.

And at last you should end the cover letter as polite as you started it, maybe with a “Thank you for your consideration”. You end it with a signature and information such as full name, address, telephone number and email. And you are ready, good luck on your next job application. 

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