How to Write a Universal Cover Letter

Writing a universal cover letter does not mean that you can actually copy paste your cover letter and just send it away. Personalizing the letter is definitely the thing that will make your future employers more interested in your generally. Therefore, you should know how to obtain a certain amount of universal elements to it but also add a few personal details that will make your letter dissimilar from the rest of the cover letters out there.

Of course, you need to start your letter by referring to the person you are sending the letter. If you know the name, you write down “ Dear ______”, if not, we’d suggest you go with “Dear Madame” or “Dear Sir”. That are the best options for a cover letter greeting.

After the greeting, there is the main part which should consist of your personal knowledge and skills. Also, you should write about your qualifications and your personal educations. Write about the way you carry out all of the tasks which are related to your previous job assignment. Mention your achievements regarding your work.  Always make sure that you focus on all of your transferable skills, but do not forget to mention the competencies that make you an eligible candidate, as well as your previous success. Talk about some of your generic skills by saying something about being motivated, a good problem solver, an amazing organizer and planner.

It is very important to show your skills to your future employer- if you want them to consider you as a new member of their team, they should know that you really have specific  skills and you can manage with things such as organizing, problem solving, communicating with colleagues and clients, working in a team, being reliable, tolerating stress etc. You do not really have to mention everything, but you should mention all of the positive sides of your character that can make them see you have a potential to work for them.

You should show your motivation through your cover letter by saying that you are a motivated person who is ready to work on a day to day basis and finish all kinds of tasks in the best way possible. By showing interest in the work they are offering, you will have a better chance for getting the job position. However, it should not seem like you are just saying that for the sake of it. Make sure you really mean what you are saying. By sounds honest, you will definitely have a bigger chance to get the job.

In the end of the letter, you should always politely say something like “Thank you for your time. Looking forward for your response” and afterwards, add “Best regards” or “Kind regards”. These are simple but very effective sentences that can help you remain formal and professional throughout the entire letter. Do not end your letter simply without saying “Thank you”. You should be subtle in the choice of your words and really mean them while writing your cover letter.

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