How to Write an Adjustment Letter

Keeping your business and improving it is not an easy job. Many times, you face some circumstances that are difficult to go through. In moments like those, when you find it hard to satisfy all the customers’ needs or even fail at doing it, you will receive a lot of complaint letters.

As an answer to the complaint letters sent by customers, business owners write adjustment letters. The adjustment letter should be sent no longer than one day after the complaint letter has been received. To make sure that you are following rules, put dates on adjustment letters. A good adjustment letter will not only prevent losing customers but will also improve the loyalty that they have in your business.  A good written adjustment letter should contain these things:

  1. Acknowledgment of the receipt from the customer who is complaining
  2. Expressing an apology
  3. Explaining the problem
  4. Offering a solution for he problem ( a reimbursement or some other action)

When it comes to the letter format and style, the adjustment letter can be written in many different styles and formats, like semi block style, full block format and many more. The most important thing of the whole letter is the body of the adjustment letter. Here’s one example of how the arrangement of the adjustment letter should be:

  1. Head of the letter with the address of the company
  2. Date when the letter was written and sent
  3. Attention Line ( if the letter is addressed to a specific person inside the company or organization)
  4. Salutation ( most often used is “Dear Sir/Madam”)
  5. Subject line/Reference (addressing the issue)
  6. The body

– Introduction: acknowledging that the complaint has been received.

– Offering an apology

– Owning the problem/admitting/explaining: recognizing the mistake

– Offering a solution for the problem: Offering a replacement, delivering new goods, even sending a discount voucher for future use

7. Cordial closing

8. Signature of the person who wrote and send the letter

9. Initials for identification

10. Reference enclosure (for example a voucher or a discount code)

Here are some useful expressions for your adjustment letter:

  • Acknowledging that the complaint letter has been received: “I refer to your letter about…” or “Thank you for your letter regarding…”
  • Offering an apology: “We must apologize for…”, “I would like to apologize for…”, Please accept our apologies for…” or “We sincerely apologize for…”
  • Admitting the mistake and accepting the complaint: “We agree that…”
  • Explanation: “As a result of…”, “The error was caused by…”, “Apparently, the problem was in…”, “This led to…”
  • Solution: “We have implemented…”, “To prevent re-occurence of…” or “We have modified…”
  • Assurance: “We assure this won’t happen again”

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