How to Write Sell Letters like a Pro

You don’t need to be a professional copywriter in order for you to write great sell letters. Actually, writing a good sell letter is not an art, but more of a science. Even the professionals use sell letter templates to get the wanted results.

Overcoming Buying Resistance

You need to overcome the buyer’s resistance with your sell letter and make them take some action. The things that you need to take for this in your letter are pretty easy. The customer comments that come up are something like:

  • How will I know that you are qualified?
  • I can’t afford your product
  • I don’t need your product now
  • You don’t understand me and my problem
  • I don’t believe what you’re saying
  • What if I buy it and then I don’t like it?
  • That won’t work for me

You sell letter that is oriented towards good results will need to address these issues and get that effective results. There is a  12-step tactic for sell letters that was designed to overcome buyer’s objections. Here they are:

  1. Get the buyer’s attention
  2. Identify the real problem
  3. Provide a useful solution
  4. Present the credentials that you are offering
  5. Show the benefits that your product or service is bringing
  6. Give proof of that
  7. Make the offer
  8. Inject a bit of scarcity
  9. Offer a guarantee
  10. Create a warning
  11. End with a reminder

All of these steps will calm the buyers’ fears and will help with their thoughts.

Emotions are Involved in the Buying Process

Always keep in mind that buyers involve emotions when buying stuff and use those emotions to justify their purchases. So, when writing the sell letter, build every step based on emotions and make the buyer take action.

With that in mind, the two things that motivate buyers are the fear of loss and the promise of gain. But, the stronger one is the fear of loss, so you need to think about how to implement these emotions in your sell letter.

The fear of loss and the promise of gain are universal motivators. No matter what the service or the product is that you are selling, you need to explain how it benefits the buyer and brings some of these motivations:

  • Be popular
  • Be wealthy
  • Have fun
  • Be healthy
  • Be good looking
  • Achieve inner piece
  • Have free time

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