How to Write Thank You Email Letter After an Interview

Writing a thank you email letter can make the difference between being hired and not being hired for the job you were interviewed for. This is probably one of the most neglected advices, but also crucial to sealing the deal. It is not just a matter of politeness.

Thanking the hiring manager for sparing a part of his time to interview you makes you seem very interested and serious about the position you applied for. Out of many candidates, you can be the one that shows sincere interest in the vacancy. It doesn’t matter how good the interview went. It is better for you to do everything in your power to make a lasting impression that will differentiate you from the rest of the competition.

Let’s be honest, it is better to write a simple thank you email letter and know you have done everything in your power than to not write it and wonder if that is the reason why you didn’t get the job,

According to a job matching site called “The Ladders”, 75% of the employers said that their decision making process is in fact affected by the thank you email letter. A career expert from the same site, Amanda Augustine says that even if a candidate is a perfect fit, he/she can be rejected if the employer doesn’t receive a thank you note.

The CEO and chairman of Accountemps, Max Messmer, says it is best to send the email in the following 24 hours after the interview. In the next day your interview will still be fresh in the mind of the interviewer, so you better do it in that time frame. Don’t make it too long. It is best to be two or three paragraphs. Think of important point from the interview and reference them in the email.

thank you letter after interview

Remember not to casual in the email. You still need to hold a formal tone, even though the email is a relatively informal tool for conveying messages. Never ever use informalities, emoticons or something similar. Always check the email two or three times for grammatical and spelling errors.

First of all, address the thank you note to the interviewer or the person who is the main contact. Create a heading in the letter and use the full title and name of the person you are sending it to.

You can also send a thank you email letter to the person who got you the interview as well. When you have created a heading continue with writing the letter. Use “Dear” and the full name of the person. Include Mr, Mrs or Ms. If you know the title you can use Judge, Professor or Dr. Include two or three short paragraphs in which you will discuss the highlights of the interview. Talk about something the interviewer mentioned. In the final sentence thank them for the spared time and express your desire to get the job you were interviewed for. Finish the thank you email letter with salutations, your full name and signature.

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