The Art of Writing Business Letters

The art of writing business letters is to reinforce one’s business. Letters are the most essential type of business correspondence since the association needs to stay in contact with the outside business world  including clients, government, suppliers, merchants, media, society, government, banks, protection organizations, transporter and so on. Business letters need to be grouped into categories as Information Letter, Sales Letter, Problem Letter, Complaint Letter and Acknowledgement Letters.

As there are so may groups and subcategories of subjects all business letters need to written differently. The tone, content, style, length, structure and approach for a letter are the key to making a great effect. Be considerate of who you are writing to, whether it is to advertise a product or advise of a new service by remembering the client and placing yourself in the readers shoes while writing. A successful letter shows thought and consideration, it utilizes “You” more often than “I”. Check the content, words, grammar and spelling since mistakes create a poor effect.


Try not to use negative words as there are always two ways to say something. Expand on what you are offering rather than explaining in length what you cannot.

A good business letter encourages good business relationships. Before you start writing choose your reason for the email and the readers needs- by noting all the accompanying W’s (the reason, when, where, who, what and how).  For a successful E-mail letter – group the necessary data, keep the content short, don’t utilize all capital letters and keep a professional tone.

Notice of connections or extra information is placed at the very end of the letter. At long last, Evaluate whether you have incorporated all the important information and does it read well.

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