The Importance of Writing Real Estate Thank You Letters

Sending a real estate thank you letter is of great importance. Apart from helping people sell or buy a home, real estate agents are familiar with customer service, marketing and they also do a lot of writing.

A lot of newbies underestimate the importance of writing especially when it comes to thank you letters.  Sending thank you letters helps agents generate more business. When you take the time to sit down and write a simple thank you clients feel special and they will come back to you another time and even recommend you to their friends or family.

Re/Max Wittney Estates offer sample thank you notes free of charge for all agents. They even send them for you. So, if you are just starting with the real estate business you can look at the samples and get an idea for the letter. Send thank you letters to all your clients and you will soon see the return of investment.

There are different types of thank you letters. One is for giving a listing presentation. If you are sending this type of letter you should thank the client for allowing you to provide the real estate services. Also, tell them that you are looking forward to a successful business relationship.

A thank you letter for listing is a way of assuring the client that you are doing everything in your power to make a successful sale. If the client decides not to list the house, then you should send a real estate thank you letter for considering you as an option with the hope of doing business in the future.

In this letter, you can also ask the client to tell you if he/she has any remarks. If you have a client that is interested in buying right after your first meeting, send him/her a thank you letter for showing up and giving you the opportunity to get a full grasp of their likings and assure them that you are going to find them the perfect home.

real estate thank you letter

The most important real estate thank you letter is after a client has made a purchase. Tell the client that it is a great pleasure to have found them the perfect home and encourage them to call you if they have questions. By doing so, you are creating a permanent client that will contact you the next time he/she is buying or selling. You can send a letter to previous clients when you have a new estate on the market so they can recommend you to friends or family who are looking to buy a home. When you send a real estate thank you note enclose your business card so they can keep it for the next time they are in need of an agent.

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