The Most Common Grammar Mistakes in Business Letters

The first characteristic that makes the difference between simple letters and business letters is style and format. Business letters should be concise, clear and stick to the point. Even though people are usually tempted to write long business letters, business men want facts. They do not have so much time to read detailed descriptions. Also, they are not prepared to read business letters with grammar mistakes. Grammar mistakes are just not tolerated in the business world. Here are several common grammar mistakes in business letters that you should always avoid.

Technical jargon, buzzwords and acronyms that the reader is unfamiliar with should be avoided as much as possible. It is frustrating to receive a letter you can’t understand. Automatically, the letter will be pointless. Vague and ambiguous statements should be also avoided. Therefore, don’t use phrases such as “It is advisable” or “This would suggest”, you should be confident and straightforward in business letters.

Common grammar mistake is using “their” instead of “its”, for instance in a sentence such as “Each employee should sign their contract.” This sentence should be “Each employee should sign its contract.” Don’t mix singular noun with plural pronoun. “Employee” is singular therefore, requires singular pronoun.

Another common mistake is between “it’s” and “its”. “”The company is introducing it’s new line of products.” “It’s” in this sentence simply doesn’t belong here. The right word here is “its”. Since “it’s” comes from “it is”, the sentence doesn’t make sense with this word.

business letter

“Is because” is commonly used in business letters, but try to avoid its use. A better alternative might be to rearrange the sentence or to use “is that” instead.

Common mistake in usage of “good” and “well” is found in lots of business letters and sounds very unprofessional. “Good” is an adjective, “well” is an adverb. You have to know that adverbs describe verbs and adjectives describe nouns.

Business letters also contain common mistakes in word order. Before sending the letter reread it one more time to avoid making word order mistakes. 

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