The Purpose of Writing Business Letters

There are many types of different business letters out there – inquiry letters, collection letters, order letters, order letters, letters of resignation etc.. All of these types of business letters are written to serve many business purposes.

However, there are couple of major purposes that we cover below. Read on to find out and better understand all the purposes of writing a business letter.

1. Information exchange

The most general and main purpose of many business letters is the exchange of all kinds of business information. Through letters, businesses collect and share information on different occasions.

2. Decision-making

The making of right decisions requires accurate information. Reliable sources are used to collect accurate information and get delivered by business letters, so executives can make the right decisions related to their business.

3. Saving time and cost

Communication takes can take a lot of time and cost. Writing a business letter and sending it via email can save businesses a lot of time and money, which could be spent on personal visits.

4. Establishing business relationship

The exchange of information is very valuable when establishing new relationships but also, maintaining the existing ones. So, one of the purpose of writing a business letter is establishing a new business relationship.

5. Make inquiry

One of the main objectives for writing a business letter is making an inquiry about products, prices, people etc. When a business starts to expand, a constant communication is a must.

6. Overcome misunderstanding

If there is any misunderstanding between businesses or within a business, a business letter is used to overcome it.

7. Keep records

A lot of business letters are written to keep record of important information. The keeping of information helps maintaining an information base, which helps in the constant decision-making process that happens in every company.

All in all, the purpose of writing a business letter is to communicate, in every aspect of it.

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