The Secret to a Top Notch CV that Will Get you the Job you Want

If you are an experienced writer of CVs, you know that crafting a top notch CV is a challenging job. If you are new at this, then you should know. The writing can take up a lot of hours and still miss the main point and the main goal.

The CV is not like other business documents both in function and in style. If you think that you know the things that make sense in the usual business documents, that might not be the right thing for the CV, at least not for the perfect one.

The point is to know what the hiring manager and the recruiter is asking for and try to deliver that exact information. So, you need the secrets for writing a top notch CV that will catch the employer’s eye.

Anyone who is currently seeking a job will definitely benefit from some tips and advices. But mostly, people that trust in themselves and know that are qualified for certain jobs but somehow don’t get to the interviewing part. This only means they really need a CV makeover.

You should think about your CV as an image of yourself, of your personality, what you are and what you represent and bring to the table. It should be sharp, enticing and vivid.

The first thing you should know is that hiring managers and recruiters spend around 6 seconds on one CV. This tells you that in that short time span, if you don’t leave a good first impression, your CV will get into the throw-away pile. So it’s not just important to have the needed experience and skills, you also need to know how to make those skills apparent and instantly visible on the CV. Present inform where the recruiters expect to see it and make it easy for reading and deciding on it.

And, the important thing is – you can do this on your own, without paying thousands of dollars to experts and consultants for help.

Remember that the CV is your personal tool for getting the interview, not getting the job. The interview is the path to getting the job and your time to present yourself in the best light.

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