The Ultimate Business Letter Types

A business letter always contains a salutation at the beginning, a professional signature at the end and the content of the letter is strictly professional. In the past, courier or postal mail were used for sending the business letter. But, nowadays, the Internet has changed everything, so the way how businesses communicate has changed also. There are various types of business letters and the focus for each of them is always specific.

Sales Letters start strongly with a strong statement. This is meant to capture the attention of the one who’s reading the letter. Sales letters intend for the reader to do something so there are things like including a website link or telephone number so the reader can act.

Order Letters are sent by businesses or consumers to the retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer, and is used for ordering services and goods. The order letters always contain name of the product, expected price, the quantity that the sender wishes to order and model number. It can also happen that the payment is included along with the letter.

Complaint Letters, as the name says, are used for complaining to some business. The tone and the words used in it will decide if the complaint succeeds. If you need to write a complaint letter, be tactful, write it directly but with respect and in a professional manner. This way, the reader will listen to you.

business letter

Adjustment Letter is sent as a response to the complaint letter. If you are in a position to write an adjustment letter and the adjustment is in favor of the customer, then start the letter with that news. If this is not the case, then write the letter tactfully and explain to the customer that you truly understand his complaint.

Inquiry Letters are sent for asking questions. When writing an inquiry letter, list only what you need to ask and keep it clear. And, don’t forget to insert your contact information in order to get a response.

Follow-up Letter is usually sent after some conversation has already been initiated. For example, it can be a businessman reviewing the meeting that is finished, a sales department thanking a customer or a job seeker asking about his application status.

Letter of Recommendation is asked from you when you apply for a job somewhere. It comes from the previous employer or from previous collaborators and professors and it includes an opinion for the job seeker.

Acknowledgment Letter are sent by businesses to let other people know that they have received a prior letter but an act is still do be done.

Cover Letter usually goes together with a package, some merchandise or with a report. The cover letter describes what’s being sent, what’s the reason for it and what the person should do with it.

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