Tips for Making Great Email Marketing Strategy

Maybe you’re a marketing newbie that just got out of college or an email marketing veteran who has a lot of experience in technology and advertising through email. Either way, you will, one day, find yourself in the need of a fresh, new inspiration and eye-catching content.

The marketing content can easily be found because is available publicly and this way, you easily get to your new inspiration. The Internet and all existent social media platforms are a great source of new and fresh information. But email is a channel for marketing and advertising that is really hard to find inspirational examples for. In order to see some good examples you need to be subscribed to them, and that means subscribing to everything you see so that you can decide what’s good and what’s bad.

That is why we decided t give you some tips on how to achieve that great email marketing strategy.

Try to make your emails look more informing, with pictures and interesting. Here’s one example with companies and charities that raise money and then just send a short email thanking you for your donation. So many companies are just setting this email and they even forget sometimes that they are doing this. There’s one example of a charity company that sends one great informal email with all the info about your donated money, what will be done with it, what will you help with, where on the map is the place or the people you are giving money to and things like that. This surely sounds like an interesting thing to consider if you want your readers to stick to your email longer than just a few seconds and get them informed about something or attract their attention.

Another thing you should think about is the subject line. It should be short so that your subscriber can read it all at once, but also catchy and funny. And if you can connect the subject line with the preview text, then even better. Like having a question in the subject line and then answering it in the preview line. IT definitely catches your subscriber’s attention and he wants to see more.

Simplicity is key with emails as well. When you’re emailing something about updates or new additions in your company or short things, try to make it as simple as you can. Just one short paragraph, a photo and a catchy title will surely do the trick and will lead the subscriber to visit your page and see more of it.

As you can see, there are many things that you can do to upgrade your email marketing game and they are really easy and doable. Try them immediately and see the improvements.

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