Top 10 Creative Tips for your Brochure Design

The brochure design can have an extremely important role that can leave all kinds of different impression to clients. That is why it is significant to know a couple of creative tips that can help everyone who is working on a creative brochure design.

1. The first rule would be to ask the clients why would they truly need a brand new brochure. Talk to them about the last brochures they have had. Therefore, you will understand their wishes and you will know what to avoid or add in the future.

2. Remember – there is no need of a lot of different fonts when you are designing your brochure. All you need is subheading and heading, and of course – body font. You do not need to use some weird font to capture their attention. Use something classy and easy going.

3. Always ask your clients about their opinion on the size of the brochure design. That way, you will know if it needs to be a standard size of A4. One undervalued element that is used for brochure designs is the great copy. There are many people who do not know that the copy should be taken as part of the whole design concept. During an early stage while creating the brochure, you can experiment and make a copy in order to see if the copy needs some reworking. The headlines are not something that you can just drop in some time later. Search for a copy guide on the Internet that can help you utilize it perfectly.

4. Always think about your end purpose while you are doing a brochure design. Think about the whole project – where is the brochure going to be used? Is the brochure going to be for some event, or an exhibition? Always design the brochure for your client and not for you.

5. Making your brochure stand out might mean using a very simple idea. If you client want some cliché images on your brochure, you might want to talk them out of it. Use something classy, with a literal statement about the main event.

6. Try breaking out layout pads while sketching and drawing your starting ideas. You can even come up with a couple of concepts that you can afterwards present to your client and see which one is their favorite.

7. Stop trying to be too unique, different or even wacky just because you think that is the way the brochure design is going to be noticed. Take this for an example – most experienced designers usually use ten to twenty different fonts on all of their projects. Some of the most popular ones are Helvetica and Rockwell.

8. The brochure design you are working on should always fit with the business of your client. For example, you should not go with a luxury brochure for a charity event. For a new product, you might use something that looks unique and different.

9. Another thing to think about are the photographs. Always use high quality photographs, and remember not to cut the corners of the brochure with images.

10. You might also consider leaving your personal, unique mark to the brochure. That way, your style will become more recognizable among designers, and you might get hired more frequently if people start noticing your designs.

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