Top 10 Tips for Writing a Great Business Letter

A great business letter is easy to understand and makes people take an action. Visiting a website, purchasing a product or a service is just a form of action. Every letter should have a conversational tone, but the paragraphs and sentences should be more precise than in everyday speech.

Don’t make the readers guess what you want, because there is a good chance they won’t get it right. If you want to write great businesses letter then follow these next tips.

The first rule is to be concise with the writing. Lots of editors have noticed that business letter are often crowded with unnecessary words, so you need to reread the letter and remove unnecessary words or sentences.

Every part that doesn’t contribute to a better understanding of the point of the letter is worthless. The second tip is to use verbs and nouns. Some say the adverbs and adjectives are the body of the letter and verbs and nouns, the engine. Use verbs that represent a firm belief and the letter will be successful. “Be complete” is the third tip. Think about what you should say in order to fulfill the purpose. Explain all details that you think the reader wants to know and be polite and tactful.

Every great business letter uses active instead of passive voice, whenever possible, of course. That is the forth tip. The active voice is to the point and brief and clearly states the action and who is the doer. Passive voice can confuse people, regarding who takes the action.

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The fifth rule is to be specific. That means, when explaining something support it with an example and include facts and details. We use words to paint pictures in the minds of the readers, so make sure you have chosen the right words. Also, don’t use abbreviations that are not known to many people. One of the most important rules is to write sentences that are interesting. Don’t ever let yourself bore the reader. The seventh tip is to address the readers like they are on the same level as you. Don’t use language that is hard to understand and don’t treat the readers like they are stupid. They are only uninformed about that topic. Use “I” instead of “we” and people will connect with you more. Always be positive and never use negative words like “not”, “won’t”, “can’t” etc. That is the eighth tip. Every negative statement can be turned into a positive one if you try.

Don’t use untrue facts. The technique and the facts are very important, so use dictionaries, books etc to confirm the information and the style of the letter. Don’t confirm something as true if you don’t have the proof. You can only make an assumption. And the final tip is to always be clear about your intentions. Never leave room for open interpretation because people will get the wrong idea. Make your intentions clear and write the letter in a way that makes one whole.

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