Top Email Marketing Campaign Examples to Learn from

Email marketing campaign examples can truly help us gain more inspiration for our own job. It is truly not important if you have a lot of experience in marketing or if you just got out of college, what you needs is some good example that will serve as inspiration for doing your own marketing campaigning in the future.

These days, the best way to promote your business is online, that’s for sure, but there are so many different ways to do it, it can be quite difficult to decide which one is the best. By writing emails to particular people who you consider as your “subscribers”, “clients” or “readers”, you are actually talking to a real person, one individual, not an entire mass of people who will scroll down and forget about your online commercial after three seconds.

Effective marketing through email is truly an art by itself. Transactional emails are something people tend to forget when it comes to email marketing. These types of emails are automated that people receive after they do something on a particular website where they left their email. Charity: water did something interesting and quite inspiring with their idea for marketing through these types of emails. They used the automated mails so they could show all of their donors who gave money to the organization how they are making some impact with some of the donors’ money.

Buzz Feed also had a fantastic marketing idea. They have decided to add some images in order to make their emails more challenging on a visual level- most companies and web pages do not really bother adding images in their mails. However, Buzz Feed changed that.

Uber also had a great email marketing campaign through their emails. Uber is always associated with simplicity – they have a brief and easy to remember initial description, and the brand’s name is consistent with the entire design of each mail they send away. Their marketing and communications assets are easily showing the story of the brand and the consistency of Uber. Sometimes, minimalistic prints and fonts are one thing that can truly become an association to your brand. 

Overdoing it can have a negative impact, and minimalism, even though it was easily disregarded in the past, has become much more popular in the past few years. Uber’s simplicity but popularity can help you learn about leaning towards the side of minimalistic marketing campaigning.

The Skimm also has fantastic email marketing ideas and a very innovative daily newsletter. Emails which are triggered easily – usually anniversary and birthday postcards are quite fun and tempting, because everyone likes to celebrate occasions like this. TheSkimm decided to take the whole story a bit ahead and give people the chance to become the “ambassadors” of TheSkimm if they are loyal subscriber to the newsletter – all they have to do is promote the newsletter through a link with at least ten of their friends. That is an amazing way to reach out to a bigger audience with a little bit of help from your friends, isn’t it?

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