Top Email Marketing Trends for 2017

Each year, there are a couple of quirky new email marketing trends that you can follow up online. The first one we must mention as the most popular one among bloggers is the interactive email.

According to a lot of famous marketers, the interactive emails are the novelty of 2017. This type of email is actually one where some action that is taken and sent in one email is going to trigger some specific event that is going to be included in that email.

For example – emails where food menus are included, galleries, quizzes, offer reveals, reviews, functionality of the “add-to-cart”, search bars etc. However, there are two slightly big problems at the moment. The first one are the basic challenges when it comes to the technical point of view and the process of implementation. The second one is the process of tracking and the changes regarding attribution. 

Another interesting novelty is the process of personalization of big data through emails. There is the brand new big data process that is currently trending. Translating this trend into signals for all of the marketers starts simply with the breaking of the silos and the data across different channels.

The third novelty is one that we definitely did not see coming. We might start using HTML5 videos while emailing. Apple had some ideas about HTML5 back in 2013, but that did not happen. However, now HTML5 support’s going to be back and it might turn out to be quite popular among Apple users. However, there are still going to be tons of subscribers that are not going to have HTML5 video support. All of the marketers that were including in the polls where the implementation of HTML5 was questions were quite excited and eager to see how the interactive emails are going to work. However, we do not know if the HTML5 video is actually going to be seen as interactivity.

Another novelty that is expected to arrive in the virtual world this year are the automated emails. We are still not entirely sure if 2017 is really the year of the innovative automated email. However, the marketers that went through the polls are aware of how important this brand new trend is.

Some emails, for example the triggered ones such as “welcome emails” or the simple cart abandonment ones are currently generating most of the marketing revenue of emails. However, when you think about it, there is an outsized productivity of these types of emails and thus, automated or “broadcast” emails might have a better and more functional role in our society today. We just have to wait and see whether 2017 is going to be the year of automated emails or not, but if it is, we might be more than certain that technology is about to go much more forward than our expectations from the past couple of years.

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