What is a Semi-block Style Letter and How to Write it?

Business correspondence can be tricky, especially if you are new to the game, and knowing the proper etiquette can take you miles and make you seem more professional and your company more competent.

There are few business style letters, but the semi-block style letter is probably one of the most used. It is exactly how it sounds, a semi-formal business letter that is used for correspondence between colleagues, good associates, or in most cases by small up and coming business to make them feel more friendly and polite. All in all, a semi-block style letter comes in handy when you don’t want to be too formal and but are still discussing business or business related topics.

As for the letter elements, they are pretty much the same, as all business letters are consisted of the same elements, but in the case of a semi-block letter that can be arranged to appear less formal. Here are few pointers on when to use a semi-block style letter and how to write it.

1. Not too formal but still work related

For every time you start writing a letter and don’t want to appear too formal but still look professional and express important topics, a semi-block style is the answer. It is perfect for corresponding with your work colleagues, from appointment details to work related tasks. You can also use a semi-block style letter if you are writing to a business associate with who you have done business a long time and are already on a friendly terms.

2. Looser margins

Writing a semi-block style letter is certainly more relaxed than a block-style. Both block-style and semi-block style letter use left alignment on the content, the block-style letter has all the elements starting strictly aligned to the left margin, while the semi-block style letter has indentations on the beginning of each paragraph and the date and salutations.

This gives the semi-block style letter a friendlier look and makes it appear less formal while it is still used to express work topics. There is a loose feeling to it compared to the block style, as in the semi-block style you are free to arrange the salutation, date, address or signature more to the right and break a bit from the strict, uniformed look that business letters have.

3. The language

The semi-block style letter is somewhere between the formal and the personal letter. This means that while you are free to express thanks and talk a bit more personal to the recipient, you are still bound to work mode ethic. When writing a semi-block style letter, remember to use different paragraphs for different ideas or topics, this will make it for the reader to clearly perceive your ideas and make the most of the letter.

However, you don’t have to be cold with the wording in a semi-style letter and you are free to be a bit friendly.

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