Why Choosing E-mail as a Selling Tool

Over 7% of the transactions online are done thanks to email marketing. Email is the second best ecommerce tool. Emails exist more than 21 years, but it wasn’t till some time ago that people recognized the role emails can play in ecommerce marketing.

With this tool, we can now segment customers so well, that the chances of them refusing the deal we offer are put to minimum. The effectiveness of email marketing will continue to grow even more. This method is the most cost effective one because it requires no money. All it takes is for you to acquire a list of emails of people in target groups and start sending. Lots of people shop online and most of the marketing emails include a link from the website where they can buy the product or service you offer. That makes the process quicker and more effective.

By using several strategies, the email won’t be ignored by any of the recipient. Use bold letters for the subject line and try to capture the whole offer in one short sentence.

Product reviews are very important. They have a great impact on potential customers. If you plan on making an email promotion it is best to include reviews from customers. For instance, Argos found that customers preferred and trusted the products that had a review. Those products had 10 % higher chance of being sold. People trust other clients so ask every person that buys your product to give a review. You can do that by sending a personalized email to the customer a few days after he bought the product. You can increase the number of positive reviews and number of replies in general if you offer some sort of a reward for the feedback. It can be anything.

pixelated email inbox icon with white and blue

pixelated email inbox icon with white and blue

Email marketing is so effective that even Barack Obama used it in his previous presidential campaign. Thanks to the A/B testing he generated more than $2,500,000. A/B testing is actually identifying which email format serves the purpose the best i.e. attracts most attention. You can improve the tool even more by giving rewards to the most loyal customers.

Usually, the number of loyal customers is small, but it generates the biggest percent of profits. That’s why you should reward your loyal customers. They will come back and give you the best reviews.

Another great thing with email marketing is that you are sure you won’t disturb the customers or catch them at bad time. They will surely open their email, but they will open it when they can. There is a higher chance they will understand your email because they will be reading it in their free time. Plus, you can always reach them and tell them what is new and what is coming. You can send them calendars with special offers, sales, description of services etc. The most important thing, however, is to find the right contact list for the email campaign. You can ask for agencies to deliver one to you for a reasonable fee.

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