Why Writing Real Estate Introduction Letter?

The intention of a real estate introduction letter is to attract the attention and to make clients interested in your skills. The opening sentence of the introduction letter should not sound like introducing yourself for an interview. It is clear that you should introduce yourself as a real estate agent, but most surely, the first thing you should consider is to put yourself in others’ shoes and think what would attract their attention, what would they want to read.

Probably an introduction question is a nice choice for starting a real estate introduction letter than a sentence, a question that would be answered with “Yes”. For instance, “Have you been thinking of selling your house, but you are not sure when the right time is?” or evoking statement “Selling your house might be a difficult decision, a real estate agent on your side is the best choice to consider in this situation.”

These sentences are good for opening a real estate introduction letter. Addressing their concerns and what you have to offer to help them is the goal of establishing a connection between the client and the real estate agent.

Many realtors believe that the introduction letter is an old-fashioned method and avoid using it. I don’t completely agree with this and I firmly believe that a good old introductory letter can have a great influence on your clients’ decisions.

real estate introduciton letter

Perhaps the best way to grab the attention of the reader is to offer something free. Think of a way to interconnect with the clients and instantly increase their interest. You can do this by offering free tips, information about local home rates and some other valuable data that might make them read everything you have to say.

Apart from the writing kit, personalization of your introduction letter and prospects, as well as adjusting it to your target is a good advice that works. At the end of the letter, you can put a P.S. where you repeat you contact information, availability and if you have a web page or Facebook page, write the link to introduce yourself better. Good luck!   

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