How to Write Sell Letters for Product Launch

Good correspondence is key to a well run business. Knowing how to present your products is equal to knowing how to sell them. Coming up with new products and improving the old ones is not enough in today’s market, you really have to be able to present them to the buyers and convince them that they have the necessity for your product.

A sell letter for product launch does just that. It informs your customers about your new product while at the same time explains them why there is a need for it on the market. A good style letter should inform your potential customers about the ranges and applications of the product, its superiority over the old models and details for contact or ordering.

1. Formal means business

A sell letter has to be formal. You need to set the alignment on the left margin and have a professional appearance, and you need to follow all the elements such as personal information, and company information, formal greetings, and formal salutations.

The language should also be formal and on a professional level. If you are selling specialized product and are working with clients who know the terminology, don’t dumb it down and just state the properties of the product you are selling. But if you are selling a more commercial product for the general population you should probably skip the terminology and explain the product on a level everyone can understand.

2. Make sure who you are writing to

Triple check who you are sending the letter too. It takes little for a buyer to throw away the letter. You need to make sure you are addressing the letter to the correct person. Don’t just state vaguely “Dear Sir or Madam” but rather communicate directly to the buyer by using his or her full name and possibly job position.

3. Describe and promote

Take the time and describe the product, its characteristics and what it can do. But also you should really state why your product is better than the others on the market. This is the part where you really need to sell your product.

Focus on creating a need and then explaining how your product fills the need better than anyone else’s. If you are selling to a distribution company talk about perks or bulk prices you might offer and how they can benefit from selling your product.

4. Include all info necessary

A sell letter is still a formal business letter. Make sure you include all your information and the information for the company, as well are contact details and purchasing options. It should be really easy for the buyer to contact you, so make sure you encourage communication regarding questions about the product.

If you have a different order number, you should include that to the letter as well as your own number. This way a possible distributor knows which number to call if he or she has any further questions about the product and which number to call if he or she is ready to order.

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