Writing Email Cover Letter – the Right Format

Email cover letter should always go along with your resume. If you want to convince the future employers to call you then you need to make it a good one. So, get down to work and get yourself an interview. The email cover letter is the only way to make a connection with the person who’s hiring. Lots of people don’t know how important this letter is and they don’t waste time to make it good, or they don’t send one at all.

There is a proper format for email cover letter that you need to keep. On the subject line, you should write down the job title you are after and your name. That will keep the employer from wasting time opening emails so he/she can sort them out. You will start your letter with salutation. It can be either “Dear Sir/Madam” or you can start with “Dear” and the name of the person you are writing to.

The letter can have 3 or more paragraphs. In the first paragraph you need to state the reasons why you are writing and the position you are applying for. Also, tell where you saw the job ad, or if someone referred you to it. Explain why you are so interested in working at that company. List a few skills that you posses and that are excellent for the job position.

The middle paragraphs should be about your skills and abilities. Explain what you have to offer and talk about your experience. However, be careful not to just repeat what is already stated in the CV. If you need to point out something refer the employer to the proper section in your resume. Match your abilities with the job you are applying for. In the final part, the conclusion, thank the employer for his consideration and mention if you have a CV attached.

email cover letter

Then write a complimentary close and sign your name. In the end, in the signature you should include your full name, address, phone number, email, Linkedin profile etc. You will make it easier for the employers to contact you.

You can prepare better before you send out the letter by researching the employer. Find out what his/her goals are and what type of people they prefer to work with. Play by their rules and learn everything there is for the company. It may give you a clue on how and what to write in the letter.

Check out the website of the company for more information. Also, some companies don’t ask for attachments and block those sent to them. So, if that is the case then don’t send one because no one will read it. Some companies do this for virus protection. Before sending the letter, proofread it and check for spelling errors. You can use software for spell checking but it is better to check once more by yourself because sometimes softwares don’t catch all errors. Ask a friend to read the email for you and see what they will tell you.

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